My uncle Guido is a bricklayer. Presentation @Summer school

My uncle Guido is a bricklayer

Meeting with Irene Volpiano, illustrator, and Sgaldramuni, writer, as part of the Summer School

Event for Families at Castello di Rivoli

July 14 2022


My uncle Guido builds houses for others, day and night. And he’s very fast, but his head is even faster. And in his head there is a woman who becomes his wife. She is a house filler: she eats and fills the house, eats and grows up, fills the house and gets bigger and bigger, fills the house and becomes gigantic …

In line with the theme of the Summer School 2022, The Planet is my home, children and young people can spend a special afternoon with Irene Volpiano. At the end of the day, in the meeting open to families, she presents the book illustrated by her My uncle Guido is a bricklayer, together with the author, the writer Sgaldramuni. The book is published by Orecchio Acerbo Editore, 2022.

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