The digital program of the Castello di Rivoli

The Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea announces its program of digital appointments. Starting from December 2020, the virtual headquarters of the Museum, the DIGITAL COSMOS, will be enriched with new contents and unpublished events on a weekly basis.

With reference to the philosophy of the “Slow Food” movement born in Piedmont, Castello di Rivoli enhances the prototype of the Slow Museum already launched in February 2020. A concept of museum which, starting from the reopening, on a physical level will address visitors with deep and long experiences and that, thanks to its digitization, can also be experienced immediately by the local and global public.

DIGITAL COSMOS, the virtual headquarters of the Museum recently opened is enriched with new contents through programming that integrates the physicality of the visit path, offering the online visitor an additional dimension of experience. Embracing the instances of the two-year Espressioni project – a series of new exhibitions and events at Castello di Rivoli that address forms of expression and expressionism from the past to the present, DIGITAL COSMOS hosts audio and video works by leading artists, including Anne Imhof, Agnieszka Kurant, Marzia Migliora, Elena MazziCally Spooner, Riccardo Benassi, Elisa Caldana, Helen Marten, Giuliana Rosso, Diego Perrone, Adrián Villar Rojas. These contributions establish a dialogue with the works already published on the site.

In contrast, and unlike most museums, the DIGITAL COSMOS puts at the center of its program the contemplation and experience of real works of art designed to be online, but without the obligation of interaction and active participation of the public. Furthermore, in the DIGITAL COSMOS, the discursive aspect of lessons and conferences that so characterize the digital world does not prevail. The participatory aspect of online activities is mostly reserved for activities promoted by the EDUCATION DEPARTMENT of the Museum with social media platforms. However, the DIGITAL COSMOS also offers numerous opportunities for discursive insights. The winter digital programming is also developed through the CYCLE OF LESSONS AND CONVERSATIONS dedicated to the Museum’s Collections and to contemporary artists held by the Director of the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea and the Cerruti Collection, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, by the Chief Curator and Curator of the Collections Marcella Beccaria, by the Manager and Curator of the Castello di Rivoli Research Institute (CRRI) Andrea Viliani and by the Curator Marianna Vecellio. The digital schedule also includes a series of appointments dedicated to the Savoy Residence held by the Coordinator of the Valorisation of the Artistic and Historical Heritage of the Museum Alessia Giorda and an in-depth path on the masterpieces of the Cerruti Collection, held by Fabio Cafagna and Laura Cantone. The weekly program will be communicated on the official social channels of the Museum and made available in streaming on the page of the DIGITAL COSMOS.

As part of the Espressioni project, Castello di Rivoli presents the conference entitled Digital PTSD. The Artistic Practice and Its Impact on Digital Trauma, on May 2021. The event aims to investigate the issues related to the sudden increase in digital activities in a period of closure of social gathering spaces including museums, to provide an opportunity for reflection on some of the first effects that the global lockdown has had – and continues to have – on our relationship with the digital experience, as well as to know the effects caused by the abuse of digital platforms. The isolating experience of the lockdown has raised new alarms regarding the potentially traumatic effects of digital overload on subjectivity and on the social body. With the term Digital PTSD, we ask ourselves whether our obsessive and growing dependence on technology can be a threat to our creative freedom, physical and mental well-being, and therefore what is the role of art in reducing psychological distress. This cycle of meetings invites some of the leading Italian and international scientists, artists, thinkers and curators to present their research and collectively reflect on topics of crucial importance for the human condition, including: the physical erosion of living matter and the transformation of human experience in mega-data; the “digital trauma” in relation to the collective nervous system; the neuro-scientific study of cognitive and social relations mediated by technology; and, finally, the impact of these phenomena on social structures and ideological polarization. The fact of presenting a critique of contemporary technologies through online platforms seems paradoxical, yet it falls within the most classic tradition of modern art to investigate and lay bare one’s means and languages ​​through the use of critical thinking. Digital PTSD is made in partnership with e-flux.

DIGITAL COSMOS is part of a technological updating project of the Castello di Rivoli supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo. The project aims to update the technological infrastructure, language and function of social media, and to create a digital archive of knowledge produced in over thirty-five years of museum activity. Another purpose is to transform the website from a simple place for information on the Institution’s activities to an online archive and virtual art space, a real “Museum” of works created specifically for this new artistic dimension and elaborated in order to create an unprecedented relationship with the conscience of the online visitor.

The activities of Castello di Rivoli are made possible primarily thanks to the contribution of the Regione Piemonte.