University and Academy Trainig – Professional Training

The Education Department’s training project pays particular attention to training for new specific new professional skills forming part of the artistic and cultural system within the network of Italian museums.
In this sense, a number of collaborative actions have been organised with universities and fine arts academies throughout Italy; over the years, courses, specialised Master’s courses, international study days and conferences have been held. In 2012, the new Master’s for First-level Educational Management for contemporary art was launched, organised with the Chair in the History of Contemporary Art at the University of Eastern Piedmont, the Enaip Piemonte CSF in Turin and Associazionedidee, with the support of the Piedmont Region (Higher Education Training Directive, Regional Tender 2011-12): a major new cultural tool arising from the collaboration between promoters, museums, foundations and research centre operating on the territory. The theoretical/practical course defines the profiles of skills needed for organising, administrating and planning educational activities in museums and cultural institutions in the public and private sectors. In order to initiate a national debate concerning the educational function of the museum and the training of the associated skills in universities and academies, the Education Department has launched the “Edu©arte Musei e beni culturali” work group. The education function: training, research, professionalism: a meeting place for museums, cultural institutions and the world of learning. Among the bodies participating in the Edu©arte project is the Accademia di Belle Arti of Urbino, with which a collaboration lasting several years has been set up for the sharing and distribution of studies, research and best practice. In 2008, this collaboration was given official standing with the signing of the first Agreement Protocol which led to the new specialised course in Art Communication and Teaching, organised in collaboration with the Education Department. The new culture of the museum and cultural assets is thus translated into training programmes within an academic setting.
Of particular significance too is the collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna’s Department of Art Communication and Teaching; the Education Department has launched targeted programmes of both academies. In 2010 in particular, students were able to attend a training programme dedicated to them concerning the “zonarte” and “Italiæ” projects and then take an active part in holding activities and events in Turin,and throughout the country in the case of “Italiæ”. This marked a precious opportunity to face the challenges on a personal basis for those embarking on museum careers in terms of educational functions. Finally, a further programme was launched in 2008 with the “Unidee Educational” project: in collaboration with the Ufficio Educazione Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and Associazionedidee, the Education Department offered the first national course of specialisation for museum educators and educational managers.