Abi-tanti. The migrating multitude

Launched in 2000 and considered a work in progress, Abi-tanti . The migrating multitude configures a multitude of objects in the form of humanoids, each marked by a different exterior appearance achieved by assembling heterogeneous materials in a vast chromatic range but on a shared wooden base (equivalent to DNA) and related to each other by families.
The project, which has involved thousands of children and adults in Italy and Europe, starts from play to call into play the concepts of identity and difference, the encounter with otherness, with difference, the foreign in foreigner, the being that comes to us from another world, an extra-terrestrial and perhaps robot. Abi-tanti . The migrating multitude is intended for the public square seen as Agora, a democratic place for meeting and comparison. The travelling installation has, since the start of its tour in Turin in 2000, expanded, travelling throughout Italy and extending abroad. Among the many towns visited are Alessandria, Biella, Milan, Naples, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Rivoli, Salerno, Sassuolo, Trento, Udine, Vinci (FI), Grenoble. A continuous migration that refers to going beyond the idea of border and barriers separating individuals and peoples, in touch with the notions of the present time that require new thinking and fresh ways of being together, to plan a future open to peace and hope using the cultural tools of art and creativity.