Flying carpet


Flying Carpet is a project that has been running for several years and has contributed to the improvement of an entire district in the centre of Turin characterised by a high immigration rate, San Salvario: launched in 1996 in the Scuola dell’Infanzia Municipale Bay (an infants’ school) and subsequently extended to all of the district’s schools, it makes use of the specific contents of contemporary art, the international nature and recognition of the single individualities, as tools for social inclusion. Through the metaphor of the carpet, the project promotes relations between individuals, children and adults to encourage integration, a sense of belonging and culture.
Identity and difference qualify the experience that places the individual at the centre, alternating moments of reflection with others of experimentation, in order to effect a process of inclusion and comparison over a number of years within the new social context, one that is lively and varied. As part of the project, which sees the participation of teachers,  operators, pupils and parents, activities are arranged both in the Museum and in school for the entire school year, together with concluding events offering significant moments for school life and the district. Among the most evident results has been the improvement of the spaces used daily, as documented by the numerous wall drawings on the facades, in the schools and community spaces, such as the Casa del quartiere. A typical feature of the project is the annual Festa del bianco (White festival) in the Scuola dell’Infanzia Bay, which regularly returns like light in winter to remind us that producing light is equivalent to knowing (or recognising): another pretext to create significant opportunities for meeting beyond differences in culture, customs and beliefs, in order to experience these differences as riches.