Third Paradise

“What is the Third Paradise? 
It is the fertile union between the first and second paradise. The first is that in which the intelligence of nature completely regulated life on earth. The second is the artificial paradise, the one developed by human intelligence through a slow process that has become, over the last centuries, increasingly intrusive. (…) It has formed an artificial world that continues to grow, consuming and spoiling the natural planet. The danger of a tragic collision between these two spheres is now announced in every way. The whole project of the Third Paradise is conceived around the universal need for human survival. It can only be realized through an evolutionary step in which the human mind finds ways to co-exist with nature’s intelligence. 
The Third Paradise is the new myth that leads everyone to take personal responsibility in this historical transition (…) ” 
(Michelangelo Pistoletto).

The sign-symbol designed by Pistoletto to represent the Third Paradise inscribes a circle in the infinite line, thus evoking the cycles of regeneration of matter and the circularity of time. The Third Paradise has become a great collective action, through the collaboration between the Education Department Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, the Education Office of Cittadellarte and CiAL: the theme has been declined in happenings attended by thousands of people, children and adults, in many cities, to propose a message of respect towards nature and urban spaces, through a creative involvement that places art at the center of responsible social transformation.
In the collective actions the symbolic shape was drawn starting from aluminum cords, material recyclable infinite times, to stimulate the assumption of collective social responsibility and the reflection on issues of environmental sustainability.