Giorno per Giorno
 Pas de deux Annemarie Sauzeau e Marco Tirelli

25.05.2011 from 0:00 to 0:00

On the occasion of the second edition of DAY BY DAY, a meeting with Marco Tirelli and Annemarie Sauzeau called Pas de deux will be held on Wednesday 25 May at 6 pm. at the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea.

The event will be introduced by Andrea Bellini, the Museum’s co-director.

A book-signing session is planned at the end of the event.

The year 1978 was a crucial one in the life and work of Alighiero Boetti, marking the peak of a happy cycle formed of light and shade: this was the year that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan threatened. In his studio in Trastevere, he received young artists like Remo Salvadori, Marco Bagnoli, Luigi Ontani, Francesco Clemente, the critic, Giovan Battista Salerno and Marco Tirelli. Alighiero never stopped drawing, gluing, stamping, writing, offering his work naturally. As a genuine master. The Pas de deux exhibition (‘pas de deux’ as in dance duet but also negation of the double) dates from that year and saw the involvement of Alighiero and Francesco, who produced two beautiful works, with the same androgynous levity as those of their partners, B. Skuber and E. Montessori.

The drawing of the animal cosmogony by Alighiero was given over to Marco Tirelli. At the Castello di Rivoli, alongside Clemente’s reflections concerning his work with Boetti, Tirelli will for the first time speak about this experience, which has hitherto remained secret.