Alessandra Tesi. A project for the castello

From 04 June 1999 to 12 September 1999

Curated by Marcella Beccaria


Alessandra Tesi (Bologna, 1969) investigates the hidden aspects of reality, creating installations, videos and photographs that stage what is invisible, absent or forgotten.

Like a world covered by a veil of painting, in the artist’s vision reality is an uncertain dimension, within which the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the elusive coexist. For Tesi, desire, obsession and memory are forces capable of shaping matter, transforming reality into a ductile element, the colors and forms of which are only a reflection, a more or less distorted projection.

Developing her works as environmental installations, the artist has directed her gaze to the memory that defines the identity of places, revealing the subtle ambiguity that is concealed in the capacity of spaces to stage their own function.

Interference Pearl (Perla Interferenza) stems from the artist’s encounter with the spaces and the history of Castello di Rivoli, which she interprets as an exemplary “design of an absence.” Starting from the historical fact of the interruption of the Juvarrian building site, Tesi has made the material of her work the space that separates the two buildings that constitute the Savoy residence complex, capturing the tension suspended between the body of the Castello in a state of becoming and the partially demolished, sixteenth-century Manica Lunga. Focusing on the layout that marks the position of walls and pillars meant to support public spaces that were designed but never built, the artist has brought back their design to an environmental dimension. Projected on the vault and walls of the room set aside for the project, the layout is rendered like an enveloping wall painting, created with acrylic paints called “interfering” because they change depending on the angle of incidence of the light. The work is thus able to reveal itself differently, based on the movement of the viewers, maintaining the volatile essence of desires never crystallized in defined form.

The work is mounted as a permanent installation in the Manica Lunga.



From 04 June 1999 to 12 September 1999