Anna Gaskell

From 17 October 2001 to 06 January 2002

Installed on the third floor of Castello di Rivoli, the exhibition dedicated to the work of Anna Gaskell is her first solo exhibition in an Italian museum.

Her new works explore the possibility of controlling and determining one’s own history. In dialogue with literary sources that include The Sandman by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Gaskell analyzes the image of woman as an artificial being, hypothesizing the construction of a possible female progenitor.

The photographic works belonging to the resemblance series, 2001, have as their subject the construction of a female body. A theme popular in Gothic literature, this impossible creation is rethought by Gaskell in terms of “gender identity.”

In fact, the protagonists of the images are a series of adolescent girls who are seeking to assemble the perfect being, the female archetype that, in its turn, is destined to generate these same girls who are constructing it.

The photographs are made with particular attention to the expressive elements and a studied use of cinematographic shots that, rather than reveal, allow the viewer to intuit.

The images, of various dimensions, are installed by the artist in a salon-style arrangement, constituting a broken narrative of the disturbing and astonishing event.

The artist explains that frustration deriving from the impossibility of traveling back in time is the theme of the video installation entitled Building Olympia, 2001. “The installation – writes Marcella Beccaria, curator of the exhibition – is constructed as a hypothetical time machine set in motion by the power of children’s legs.

Overall, the works Gaskell has created for this exhibition place us physically at the center of an improbable experiment, exposing us to our absurd but continuous attempt to control the unfolding of time.”

From 17 October 2001 to 06 January 2002