Anteprima (PREVIEW) 1. Giulio Paolini

From 04 May 1991 to 30 June 1991

The “Anteprima” series of exhibitions was designed to offer visitors a “preview” of the activities of individual contemporary artists by presenting a small selection of their work or a single installation, depending on their particular working method.

The first artist to be invited was Giulio Paolini (Genoa, Italy, 1940), who submitted a project consisting of two works that compare two different concepts of space: the first explores life, which also gives birth to the work itself, and the second explores the metaphysical aspect of representation. To illustrate these ideas, the artist displayed a detail of his own home in Turin on the museum wall, along with a canvas presented in the middle of the room, which was placed against a large frame whose size was identical to that of Géricault’s Raft of the Medusa.

The conflict that arises between the private, personal space, which guards the inherent truth of a work that can only be known by the author, and the space purposely designated for exhibiting art – be this a painting or museum – exposes the inadequacy of the language of art as compared with the expressive potential of the work and its creator. The metaphorical representation of a shipwreck subtly alludes to the “casting adrift” of artistic language.


From 04 May 1991 to 30 June 1991