Anteprima (PREVIEW) 3. Marco Bagnoli

From 27 March 1992 to 31 May 1992

Curated by Ida Gianelli


Marco Bagnoli (Empoli, Italy, 1949) is interested in the relationship between rational thought and emotive experience. He employs a variety of mixed media in his installations, and continually experiments with different forms and materials.

For the “Anteprima” series, Bagnoli created a work that occupies the three rooms of the Castello tower, accessible through a tunnel of light and shade. The first room contains a large white sculpture composed of circles with different radiuses that rotate around a central axis, thus determining its shape. Illuminated by artificial light, the sculpture casts a shadow on the wall that resembles the double profile of a human face. The title of the work, Colui che sta (He who is) alludes to stasis, and the inability to overcome it. Yet the very shape of the sculpture is generated by movement. Beside it is a large woven grid made of copper and studded with boxwood roots. The structure recalls a map of the sky, with the roots representing stars and the grid representing the spatial co-ordinates used to identify them.

In the second and third rooms, a spiralling motif leads to two large fresco paintings, the first depicting the outer defensive walls of the Castello, and the second depicting another double profile that links it to the sculpture Colui che sta.


From 27 March 1992 to 31 May 1992