Anteprima (PREVIEW) 5. Annette Lemieux

From 10 December 1992 to 10 January 1993

Curated by Ida Gianelli


Annette Lemieux (Norfolk, Virginia, USA, 1957) combines images and objects relating to war with those relating to daily life or childhood memories in installations that have a dramatic social content.

For her solo show at the Castello, the artist presented four works that explored the theme of war and social conflict. She utilised a number of powerful, instantly recognisable images – corpses in a Nazi concentration camp, a child’s drawings of battlefields, a photo of one of the Castello’s own rooms after it was bombed – as backgrounds for her canvases, which the artist subsequently added to with other elements that underscore the tragedy of modern life. By evoking the violence of specific events, these works also call to mind the sense of loss and suffering that is part of our everyday reality. War thus becomes a symbol of the failure of society in general, an idea that the artist comments on by continually focusing on the suffering that this failure has caused.


From 10 December 1992 to 10 January 1993