Carl Andre. Sculture (SCULPTURES)

From 22 May 1987 to 06 September 1987

Curated by Flip Bool, Enno Develing, Piet de Jonge and Rudi Fuchs


The Minimalist artist Carl Andre (Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, 1935) liberates art from the idea of representation and the need to express spiritual or intellectual values to concentrate on pure form and geometry, articulated through the serial repetition of modular elements.

Instead of working with traditional art materials he chooses industrial or natural products, leaving them unmodified so as to reveal their intrinsic character. The exclusion of all unnecessary detail enables the viewer to enter into the work, often quite literally, almost without being aware of it. The horizontality of Andre’s sculptures is intended to reduce their impact on a space’s architecture and identity. By refuting the verticality and anthropomorphism associated with sculpture, his works develop a relationship with the surrounding space and become an integral part of it. Taking a single basic unit as his departure point, the artist creates compositions whose final form reiterates the combinatory logic dictated by each individual unit, as exemplified by 25 Aluminium Squares (1968), in which the squares referred to in the title have been arranged on the ground by the artist to create a larger square, each of whose sides are made up of five units. The units are not affixed to each other in any way but simply placed side by side, becoming part of the floor space that can be walked on by the viewer in order to experience the properties of the metal.


From 22 May 1987 to 06 September 1987