Collection On View

From 01 January 2018 to 01 November 2020

The Permanent Collection, exhibited in 33 rooms at the Castello di Rivoli, includes contemporary artworks produced by some of today’s most radical and cutting edge artists. Often devised specifically for the Museum, the works engage in a productive and unexpected dialogue with the architecture that hosts them.

The Castello first floor hosts the exhibition Espressioni while the  second floor  the exhibition A.B.O THEATRON Art or Life, at the third floor is closed for installation.

Of the over 200 artists present in the Collection, works by following are currently on show:


 Castello Atrium 

Joan Jonas



James Lee Byars

Lawrence Weiner


First Floor 

Room 1  : Richard Long Michelangelo Pistoletto 

Room  2  :  Michelangelo Pistoletto 

Room  3  :   Nicola De Maria 

Room  4  : Sol Lewitt

Room 5   : Michelangelo Pistoletto 

Room  12 : Bertrand Lavier

Room 14 : Maurizio Cattelan

South Terrace  : Maria Nordman 

North Terrace  : Adrian Villar Rojas


Second Floor 


Room 19 : Rheinard Mucha

Room 20 Giuseppe Penone
Room  21  Gilberto Zorio



Luciano Fabro

Lothar Baumgarten
James Lee Byars

Sol Lewitt
Reinhard Mucha

Giuseppe Penone
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Adrian Villar Rojas
Lawrence Weiner

Gilberto Zorio


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