Haim Steinbach

From 27 October 1995 to 31 December 1995

Curated by Ida Gianelli, Giorgio Verzotti


The ritual aspect of presentation as an act of display is a constant element in the poetics of Haim Steinbach (Rehovot, Israel, 1944), who develops a series of works where objects taken from everyday life are exhibited in heterogeneous combinations, based on different social or cultural connotations.

This retrospective exhibition documents Steinbach’s oeuvre beginning in the late ‘Seventies, presenting various groups of works.

The poetics of the object begin to be clarified in the early ‘Eighties, when the artist creates a typology of installations where the device of the shelf is central to his research. The form of this structure evokes the essential nature of minimalist geometric sculpture, presenting itself as mere support. On the shelf, the artist displays everyday objects, emphasizing their affective component, which turns them into essential elements in the construction of personal identity.

He subsequently creates various series of structures, some equipped with drawers that hide various types of objects, investigating elements that pertain to collective memory; others are containers within which the artist positions large objects that can be anonymous, such as two large wooden wardrobes, or by well-known designers, such as Le Corbusier’s metal and leather dormeuse sofa, or large-scale installations, conceived for the exhibition space that holds them, as in the case of La scala (The stairs), 1995, a sort of tower made from wooden planks, created for the Castello.


From 27 October 1995 to 31 December 1995