Hannah Starkey. A project for the castello

From 05 February 2000 to 21 May 2000

Curated by Marcella Beccaria


Narrative fiction set in contemporary reality, each photograph by Hannah Starkey (Belfast, 1971), is a different exploration of the life of women and their daily interactions. To execute her photographs the artist uses professional actresses who she selects based on the roles that each situation envisages.

The four photographs presented relate to her research into adolescent life and the emotions that define this brief, intense moment of growth. The inhospitable frame of today’s city encloses the stories staged by the artist. The action is often reduced to a minimum, making palpable the sense of suppressed vitality that the adolescent years seem to impose on those who are anxious to enter adult life.


From 05 February 2000 to 21 May 2000