Joan Mirò – Viaggio delle figure (JOURNEY OF THE FIGURES)

From 04 June 1988 to 30 September 1988

Curated by Rudi Fuchs, Johannes Gachnang and Cristina Mundici


Joan Miró (Barcelona, Spain, 1893 – Palma di Majorca, Spain, 1983) is recognised as one of the major figures in the Surrealist movement, which sought to affirm the pre-eminence of the irrational and the pre-rational within the human psyche, probing far beyond objective appearances to reach a different, deeper, truer level of reality – surreality – associated with the world of the subconscious. Miró, however, is not interested in plunging into the darkest depths of the subconscious, preferring to explore the dream-like, innocent world of a happy childhood, whose magical, dynamic, serene atmosphere is expressed through flowing forms and vibrant colours.

The artist’s Spanish upbringing – at the interface between Europe and Africa – and his strong ties with the Catalan tradition led him to create works in which different attitudes, styles, traditions and sources of inspiration collide, all the while retaining their individual character.

This exhibition presented Miró as a contemporary artist who straddled two important generations of contemporary artists, represented by figures ranging from Picasso to Pollock, a factor that, along with his geographical location, enabled him to embrace more recent artistic developments.

Indeed, his work exudes a sense of lightness, freedom, and dynamic colour and form that later reappeared in other contemporary artists such as Francesco Clemente and David Salle. Miró’s groundbreaking style – both incisive and sensual – is especially evident in his works on paper, (the largest group of works shown in this exhibition), which represent a personal diary of the artist’s activity.


From 04 June 1988 to 30 September 1988