Marinella Senatore. Building Communities

From 06 October 2013 to 02 February 2014

2013 Fellowship for Young Italian Artists

curated by Marcella Beccaria

Building Communities is the first museum exhibition of an important selection of projects that Marinella Senatore has created to date. Following her earliest pieces inspired by the language of cinema and everyday micro-narratives, since 2006 Senatore has been focusing on research about the involvement of the audience as a key protagonist of her work. The artist describes her role as that of an ‘activator’. “I feel that I am part of those processes that see the artist as a director who has a score through which people negotiate, or contest, their participation,” Senatore says. “I seek – she continues – to put into action an affective exchange that moves from story to story. The tale itself becomes an exchange and an open laboratory situation is often constructed, where those who are working learn something, which they take away with them, along with the memory of having been on the set.”

Creating new possibilities for the involvement of the public, the artist has recently created a series of projects, in Italy and abroad, which are structured as cinematic productions, workshops, parades and photo shootings, the subject of which includes the creative and collective process itself. “Involving in an active dialogue a wide number of people, groups and associations large or small, often outside the art system,” Marcella Beccaria writes, “Marinella Senatore’s projects always construct new and innovative communities, aggregating multiple and heterogeneous energies. Her process rethinks the possibilities of art as a potent agent of exchange and cultural growth.”

Installed in the Manica Lunga of the Castello, the exhibition presents pieces, including the spaces — both metaphorical and real — opened up by each project, such as the School of Narrative Dance, a laboratory for creative writing and a set for film and photographic productions. Made available to the public, which can reserve their use free of charge, these spaces also welcome and invite the collaboration of numerous regional associations.

Marinella Senatore (born in Cava dei Tirreni in 1977, lives and works in Berlin) is the winner of the 2013 Fellowship for Young Italian Artists, an initiative conceived by Marcella Beccaria, Chief Curator of Castello di Rivoli, and sponsored by the Friends and Supporters of the Museum. “We want to think of the Fellowship as a dynamic initiative, and this year the winning artist will be granted a solo exhibition at the Museum,” says Marinella Guglielmi, President of the Friends. “Since its establishment in 2000 – Guglielmi says – the Fellowship has been a tool able to reinvent itself, in synergy with developments in artistic production and the curatorial research activities of the Castello.”

The exhibition Marinella Senatore. Building Communities is co-sponsored by the Supporting Friends of Castello di Rivoli.

Under the patronage of Film Commission Torino Piemonte / Media partners La Stampa, Rai Radio 3 / Technical sponsor Residence du Parc, Torino / Part of the program for Italian art amaci



24.11.2013, h. 12
 Meeting point Via Piol next to Santa Maria della Stella, Rivoli

. Arrival at Castello di Rivoli.

Broadening the participatory method at the core of the current exhibition, Castello di Rivoli is proud to present Marinella Senatore. Building Communities -€“ the Parade. Organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Rivoli, and choreographed by Nandhan Molinaro and Elisa Zucchetti of the Berlin-based collective ESPZ, the parade gathers the local people, groups, and associations, presenting an ideal and brand new cultural community that stems from the Castello di Rivoli.

From 06 October 2013 to 02 February 2014
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Marinella Senatore, The Parade

Marinella Senatore, Building Communities

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