Max Neuhaus. Evocare l’udibile (Evoking the aural)

From 27 October 1995 to 31 December 1995

Curated by Ida Gianelli, Antonella Russo


Max Neuhaus (Beaumont, Texas, 1939-Maratea, Potenza, 2009) creates sound works, large-scale installations based on the examination of the acoustic conditions of a specific place and on the elaboration of a sound installed in situ. His research proposes a series of meditations on the ways in which sound is perceived and on the phenomenology of the aural in the contemporary world.

He creates a posteriori drawings inspired by the sound works whose theme is a personal topography that delineates the conditions relating to each sound work. They are accompanied by a text defined by the artist as a “verbal drawing,” which multiplies and amplifies the reflections on each work. Thanks to the synthesis that results from these two drawings, Neuhaus evokes the perception of the sound space of the work.

In Untitled (Senza titolo), 1995, an installation created for the museum’s collection, the artist intervenes on the structures of the architectural complex, camouflaging the sound sources of the work within two arcades in front of the museum, so that the encounter between the sound and visitors occurs in chance fashion. Using electronic instruments, he constructs a sound texture in specific relationship to the context, distinguished by two different sounds, each audible in the space of a different arcade.


From 27 October 1995 to 31 December 1995