T-Shirt Marzia Migliora, Germinal, 2020, #6, Saturday


Edition of 300 unique numbered T-shirts, (XS, S, M, L, XL), organic cotton certified, manual embroidery. 6 screen printing variations. Bag cm 44 x 20, authentic frottage, seeds bag. Photo by Bepi Ghiotti. Courtesy: l’artista, Anabasi.

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The series Germinal takes its name from the first literary work by Émile Zola, written in 1885. Germinal referred to the seventh month of the calendar created during the French Revolution. It used to fall between the 21st/22nd of March and the 19th/20th of April. During the same months in 2020, I started to work on the six drawings of this series, with the idea of screen print them on white T-shirts, as if they were posters to wear. Just like in a handbook, the cultivation of the land is compared to the process of artistic research. Art and agriculture have in common the nourishment, waiting, care, growth, work and life. One nourishes the body, the other the mind. This work intends to disclose also what is not visible in a contemporary art exhibition: the artistic process and research, practices that in our country need to be protected and valued as essential resources to make the future cultural, artistic and social heritage grow. Germinal will be part of the artist’s book Rapsodìe, published in 61 copies, curated by Anabasi.


The availability of the t-shirts is only one of each size, please check if the availability in the other items is not available.