Archive of solo and group exhibitions at Castello di Rivoli, 1984 – ongoing

In January 2020, a campaign was launched to sort and digitize archival materials kept at the museum related to solo and group exhibitions held at the Castello di Rivoli, starting with Ouverture in 1984. The digitized materials include essays published in catalogs, photographs of works in the exhibition and views of the rooms, press kits including press releases and lists of works on display, invitations to openings, brochures and room sheets.

All digitized materials are made available on the Castello di Rivoli website free of charge for researchers and scholars and for anyone who wishes to consult them remotely. The collection thus offers the opportunity to trace the museum’s exhibition history and to compare the artists, curators, historians and theorists, as well as the exhibition and expressive modes that have succeeded each other at the Castello di Rivoli over different generations.

The sorting and digitization campaign is ongoing and in continuous implementation, and reflects the mission of the Castello di Rivoli as a center of production and research that aims to promote understanding of our age through culture and education in the field of contemporary art as a field of reflection on the present in dynamic relation to the past.