Room 29 Stucco Room

Stucco Room, Room of parade, Antechamber of the Apartment of the Prince of Piemonte  

First antechamber of the apartment, it has been realized at the beginning of 1700 for the Prince of Piemonte, Vittorio Amedeo Filippo, first son of of Vittorio Amedeo II, that  died when he was only 16, in 1715. The decoration is in stucco, always a work of the Somasso and at the four corners the initials of the Duke surrounded by an ouroboros  and  surmonted by the victory trumpets and the crowns , with a festoon with oak leaves that decorates all the highest part of the walls. In the room there are not any other traces of decoration.


Did you know?

The Ouroboros 

It is represented iconographically  as a snake in the action to bite its tail, it is the symbol of the  eternity creating a circle of  death and rebirth. Often the image is accompanied from the sencente En to pan (One, All) and placed side by side to the Gods  and to the symbols of the time. Starting from the  Renaissance the image has  great fortune and used from princes and gentleman for their own medals. With the Christianity it will be replaced by  the image of the linear time that it begins with the Creation of the world and finishes with the Universal Judgment. Filippo Juvarra  uses the same symbol in the decoration of the Time of the staircase of Palazzo  Madama, where,  the ourobouros surrounds the initials of  Maria Giovanna battista  the  second  Madama Reale.