Andro Wekua Pink Wave Hunter

25.00 12.50




Rein Wolfs, Gerald Matt e Andrea Bellini


Walther König




English – italian- german

Numero Pagine

3 volumi (172, 96, 120)

As a master collagist, Andro Wekua engages with the most diverse media in the visual arts and knows how to bring them together on a common, analogues level. Whether in regard to painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, or video, Wekua ‘ s world is marked by a palette imbued with sentiment, choerency, and an enigmatic grammar. Although the artist is still very young, he has already produced a considerable oeuvre with a powerful impact.

For each of the three exhibitions in our three seoarate institutions Wekua has developed a different display-each on a par with, and unmistakably shaped by, his individual style, and yet they address and react to the distint spatial and atmospheric qualities of the three buildings. At the Kunsthalle Wien, the exhibition culminates in a new film with a characteristically Wekua title: ” Never Sleep with a Strawberry in Your Mouth”. At the Kunsthalle Fridericianum, buildings from his native city, Sukhumi, Georgia, are presented in an interpretative way, and at the Castello di Rivoli, the artist has developed a new installation for its unique collection and exhibition spaces.

The present publication accompanies these three exhibitions and is consequently divided into three different books, which together evoke, contextualize, and supplement the three projects.