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Adam Carr







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This catalogue from the innovative exhibition at Rivoli, proposes to transform the common way of looking at art through the work of some fifty international emerging and established artists from the 1960s to the present day, who were inspired by the concepts of duality and symmetry and produced paintings, sculptures, installations and performance, in pairs, series and/or in different versions.
The theme of duality can be found transversally in philosophy – especially contemporary philosophy – and in a large part of literature and art. Since classical antiquity literature has always been obsessed with the problem of identity and the anxiety of the “I” and its multiple splittings. The substantially ambiguous theme of duality enables not only enquiry into the problem of identity but also the equally important question of relations with the other, and hence its representation.
In the contest of the visual arts the theme of duality offers as many approaches as it does in literature; it is a history that is perhaps not as well known but certainly no less significant. Among artists the problem of duality has always stimulated great interest; one need only look at the recurring theme in painting of the ancient myth of Narcissus, but it is throughout the second half of the twentieth century that the idea of splitting became fertile ground for exploration and experience.
Exhibition, Exhibition presents a broad historical look at works created on this concept in the last sixty years.