Michael Rakowitz, Imperfect Binding, 2019

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On the occasion of his retrospective at Castello di Rivoli, Iraqi American artist Michael Rakowitz has created Imperfect Binding, 2019, a limited edition of one hundred signed and numbered offset prints of an unbound Folio reproducing a Jewish Mincha prayer book, each copy uniquely personalized by the artist who has handwritten a story in pencil about care and reparation. Each owner of this unique multiple can follow the instructions on the Folio and fold it according to the page marks, destroying it,  or one can keep it as a large drawing. The artist’s narration is inspired by the figure of Francesco Federico Cerruti – a philanthropist and industrial entrepreneur from Turin who revolutionized the binding industry. While evoking the Jewish tradition of burying damaged prayer books, with this unique multiple the artists created and artwork that expresses how what has been damaged and scattered into fragments can come back into existence as a recomposed and intact object.


Offset printing on parchment writing paper, pencil
100×50 cm

Limited edition of 100 signed and numbered by the artist, with additional handwritten artist’s script on each edition