What’s changing. Theories and practices in the restoration of contemporary art

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Maria Cristina Mundici e Antonio Rava







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314 pg.

This volume conteins the proceedings of the two conference on the restoration of contemporary art promoted by Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea at a distance of 25 years and organised by the same curators, maria Cristina Mundici and Antonio Rava. Bringing together the proceeding of the 1987 conference and those 2012 in a single book higlights the historic dimension of a debate that is still very open: namely, how to restore contemporary art. Twenty-five years ago, the first true Italian museum of contemporary art set out to tackle the problem of the conservation and passing down of contemporary art works to the future, with a variety of contributions from technical, methodological and interpretative points of view. In the more recent conference, the direction taken since then was examined, on the one hand evidencing questions of methodology, philosopy and aesthetics, with particular attention to the interpretative criteria underlyng restoration, and on the other presenting specific problems associated with the restoration of examples of Arte Povera.