Visit the Cerruti Collection | Online purchase only from April 6th to May 6th

The Cerruti Collection is open to the public thanks to the generosity of Francesco Federico Cerruti, an entrepreneur and collector from Genoa but Turin by adoption, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 93.
The ambitious project involved the renovation and safety of the villa that the accountant had built in the 1960s in Vicolo dei Fiori, a few steps from the Castle. Almost a thousand objects, including three hundred works of painting and sculpture, ranging from the Middle Ages to the contemporary, to which are added around two hundred rare books with precious bindings, carpets, desks by famous cabinetmakers, ceramics and silver: a journey through the history of art , predominantly Italian, from the 14th century to the early 2000s, for a collection of the highest quality, difficult to compare with others in Europe and the world. We want to realize the accountant’s vision: to share this precious collection with the world and, in doing so, help develop an appreciation for art, culture, technology and material objects, capable of enlightening and inspiring society through targeted and innovative educational paths. Finally, thanks to the happy agreement with Castello di Rivoli, the flagship of the Piedmont Region, we want the Cerruti Collection to be a catalyst for new, fruitful creativity


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