Digital Cosmos

Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev on DIGITAL COSMOS


Reinhard Mucha
The Collection


Jordan Wolfson
Unobstructed Joy and Love in a Time of Crisis: Marc Chagall and His Daughter by Lotte Jacobi


Ludovica Carbotta
How to Not Leave a Trace


William Kentridge
Drawing Lessons and What to Do Alone with Oneself


Michelangelo Pistoletto 
Applause to the Sea

Applause to the Sea


Ed Atkins
An Insistent Outtake

Performance Capture


Giuseppe Penone
Arte Povera


Anri Sala
Celebrating the Elderly and Tuning Nature and Culture

If and Only If


Michael Rakowitz
A Plot


Francis Alÿs
Liberating a Story from History


Beyond the Ephemeral



Mario Merz
As Time is Naturally the Will to Resist


Michelangelo Pistoletto
From Year One to Date. Opera in Four Rooms


Renato Leotta
On Cosmic Contemplation


Claudia Comte
Time Varying Viscosity


Marianna Simnett
Storytelling and Folklore in Exploring the Body as Site of Transition


Nalini Malani
Cycles of Violence in the Rampant Globalization


Roberto Cuoghi
A Miracle


Michael Rakowitz


Leonardo Caffo


Gianluigi Ricuperati
The Undigital Cosmos


Contemporary Chinese Art
The Sigg Collection



Artists and artworks

Podcast Radio 3


The Collection


The Education Department




The Savoy Residency


The Cerruti Collection


Ai Weiwei and Uli Sigg
On Contemporary Art from China


James Richards
Hallucinatory Visions and Discarded Stories


Claudia Comte
Graphic Signs in the Digital Age


Michael Rakowitz
Artworks and Culture in the Necropolitics


Anri Sala
The Interlude, Music Performance and Virtuosity in the Contemporary Art



Hito Steyerl
AI and Technology in the Surveillance Era


Alba Congress
For an Imaginist Renewal of the World


Veering between Acrobatics and Fluid Identities



16th Sidney Biennale
Space of Rotation, Confusion, Revolt, and Insubordination


Kenneth Goldsmith
Uncreative Writing