Anniversary Day – Sostienedemocrazia



Thursday, December 18, 2014, h. 10 –

Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea


In celebration of its first 30 years, the Museum proposes an extraordinary day full of events to share. SOSTIENEDEMOCRAZIA is a collective program that, from 10 am to late at night, will offer performances, conferences, dance, theater, music, food, and books. The entire day will be followed in live streaming from the Museum’s web tv with interviews by Elena Del Drago and the social media.




At 10 am, the Museum will open with three cannon shots which, at regular intervals of fifteen minutes, will start this day of celebration, while an inviting refreshment will be offered at our Cafeteria.

As always, visitors will be the protagonists of all the different events coordinated by the Education Department: beginning at 11 am, adults and children will form a ring around the Castello as they embrace the Savoy Residence. Also, multisensory itineraries with the Unione Italiana Ciechi e Ipovedenti, non-stop workshops, peer education courses with youngsters, students, and seniors.


During the day a shower of confetti from the work Confetti Canyon by Lara Favaretto will welcome guests inside the Castello. In Room 15 on the first floor of the Residence the ambitious and complex performance Stop, Repair, Prepare: Variations on Ode to Joy for a Prepared Piano by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla greets the public. This performance will take place every hour when the Museum opens, from Thursday, December 18 to Sunday, December 21.

The Library will exhibit all of the Museum’s publications from 1984 to today (these books may also be consulted).


In addition to the events Intenzione manifesta. Il disegno in tutte le sue forme, Sophie Calle. MAdRE and Percorsi n. 1_Gli italiani visti dalla televisione. Da Lascia o raddoppia? a Carosello (until December 21), visitors can also admire some of the most recent Museum acquisitions installed for the first time: There is a criminal touch to art by Ulay, a series of 6 photos by Daido Moriyama, the 21 posters Untitled (Sunday Pictures) by Hans-Peter Feldmann, the 5 portraits of African masks Tipo Passe by Edson Chagas, and a focus on Fabio Mauri followed by a video screening of the artist in the Theater.

From noon to 6 pm, Room 5 of the Museum will host the conference Io non scenderò più. Contemporaneo, il tempo inattuale, curated by Gian Luca Favetto. Time is our contemporary. We must stay in time, in our time, in order to always be contemporary. But the art of being contemporary has to be learned and, once it has been, it’s not put aside. It’s used. It’s a tool for living and interpreting the world. Gian Luca Favetto and Paolo Verri will moderate: Manuel Agnelli, Marco Aime, Tiziana Andina, Massimo Cirri, Giovanni Durbiano, Giulio Giorello, Antonio Riccardi, Valerio Magrelli, with musical intervals by Domenico Castaldo.

In the Cafeteria guests may have lunch with menu by Combal.Zero.






At 5 pm, in the Cafeteria, a new historical guide, Castello di Rivoli. Guida alla Residenza Sabauda, will be presented. The event will be enhanced by a Barolo Chinato wine tasting offered by the Cantina Terre del Barolo, plus chocolate and other scrumptious things. A guided tour will follow and end in the Bookshop.


From 7 pm to 8 pm in the Library will be presented the e-book Ouverture and the catalogues Jan Dibbets. Un’altra fotografia|Another Photography and Marinella Senatore. Building Communities|Costruire comunità.

At 7 pm, Room 32 on the second floor will host La Profana Azione, a dance performance with Daniela Pagani by Gianluca Bottoni inspired by the “Elogio della Profanazione” of Giorgio Agamben and, at the same time, the concert for trumpet, trombone, and horn Opus 43 by Hanne Darboven will enliven a visit to the Intenzione Manifesta event in the Manica Lunga.

The international music and art festival Club To Club will present for the first time in a museum The Italian New Wave, a showcase devoted to new Italian music creativity: the first part will take place in the atrium with OOBE and its sci-fi rhythms poised between ambient and techno music and the eclectic Bienoise, former alumnus of the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy, while in the Cafeteria guests may savor a delicious finger-food cocktail by Combal.Zero.


At 9 pm the fundraising dinner by Combal.Zero will be another unmissable event. Here visitors may savor the “stellar” lasagna spaziale® invented by Chef Davide Scabin to enliven the stay in outer space of Major Luca Parmitano and other ISS – International Space Station crew members.

From 11:30 pm to 1:30 am the grand celebrations will continue with selections by Vaghe Stelle, the main band of the festival and not only, and XIII, a new entry from the cult record label Gang Of Ducks.


In addition to extended Museum hours until 1:30 am, on December 18 the Museum will offer visitors free entrance and one free illy espresso in the Cafeteria.

Instead, there is a charge for the other gourmand events – by Combal.Zero – in order to support the Castello di Rivoli.