Why supporting the museum?

Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea is a non-profit organization operating locally and internationally.

In raising funds, Castello di Rivoli collaborates with individuals, companies, foundations, and the general public, to promote the understanding of our times through art and culture. This mission turns into an advantage for the whole community and therefore it deserves support. In addition to collecting and exhibiting works of art, the Museum is a center for creativity, research, training, education, and development of culture particularly in the field of contemporary art, in a reflection on the present through a dynamic relationship with the past. To this end, we will be conscientious in our effort to reach donor goals, to manage funds prudently, and to use donations for clear and transparent purposes.

Information management

Castello di Rivoli guarantees compliance with the current privacy regulations and manages personal and corporate data with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

Your donation will help support museum activities which include: the creation of scientific exhibitions and catalogues, the care of the Permanent Collection and the maintenance of the UNESCO World Heritage Royal Residence, the enrichment of CRRI – Castello di Rivoli Research Center with documents and books, the educational offer.