Castello Building

The Castello Building is an architectural structure separated from the Manica Lunga and houses the Museum of Contemporary Art. Savoy Residence from 1247 to 1883, it has been, over the centuries, at the center of numerous modifications and of important projects. It became a barracks in the pre-unification period, in a state of neglect after the Second World War since 1979, when the project, developed by the Turin architect Andrea Bruno started. His approach had immediate international resonance, paving the way for many subsequent interventions and made it one of the most significant recovery and re-functionalization projects at an international level. The project also accompanied an important change of pace, sanctioning a new and different attention to a historical heritage which was then also recognized by Unesco.

The Castello Building houses three exhibition floors, two of which still retain frescoes ranging from 1600 to the end of 1700, inside the works of the Permanent Collection of the Castello di Rivoli and temporary exhibitions are set up.