Villa Cerruti

From the end of the 60s to 2014, the entrepreneur and collector Francesco Federico Cerruti (Genoa, 1922 – Turin, 2015) collected in a reserved, careful and expert way, a corpus of works of art, books, furnishings and objects of the highest quality.

In 1961, Cerruti buys a piece of land in Rivoli, in Vicolo dei Fiori, behind the Manica Lunga del Castello – still in ruins at the time – and begins the construction of a Provencal-style villa which will be completed at the end of the 1960s and then partially renovated in the second half of the eighties.

Between 2016 and 2018, the Villa was renovated according to the project developed by the architectural firms Baietto Battiato Bianco and Con3Studio, updating the technological infrastructure of safety, fire prevention and air conditioning that complies with the highest international museum parameters for the protection of the works of art. The works have been studied, cataloged and the necessary care and conservation interventions started; the well-kept and rearranged garden.

Thanks to the agreement signed in 2017 between the Cerruti Foundation and the Castello di Rivoli, which in 2019 led to the opening of the Collection to the public, it offers the opportunity to learn about the life, passions, intelligence and thinking of a important figure of contemporary collecting, as well as allowing artists and scholars of our time to be inspired by a heritage of art of the past of the highest quality.

Villa & Garden

Entrance & Rectangular Room

Mother’s Room

Billiard Room

Circular Room

Study & Staircase

Dining Room

Rose Room

Music Room

Tower Room