Metropolitan Art

October 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 2022

Now in its 7th Edition, Metropolitan Art, the project by Stalker Teatro-Officine Caos in which the Castello di Rivoli Education Department has collaborated since the beginning, has created an unprecedented way of approaching contemporary art starting from the active use of the works of art, also by an audience not used to visiting the places of contemporary culture.

Metropolitan Art is an exciting journey through historical and metropolitan architecture, landscapes and works of art, where visitors are the protagonists of a collective adventure. An innovative project that combines education, training and cultural production and is divided into a first phase of knowledge and production through workshops open to the public and a subsequent visit at Castello di Rivoli, led by an Artenauta from the Education Department. The works of the Permanent Collection have become the starting point for a new way of interaction between the arts, up to the staging of the show that completes the touristic-cultural itinerary.
An itinerary between the center and the suburbs, which leads the participants from Turin to Rivoli and lastly to the Officine Caos in Piazza Montale in the Vallette district, for the vision of the show Reaction 2022, directed by Gabriele Boccacini, inspired by the installations of the Museum.