Collezione dal Vivo | Guercino in Cerruti Villa | Extended till 15 September

From 6 April to 15 September 2024 Guercino’s painting, depicting Saint Andrew, from the Cerruti Collection will be exhibited in the rectangular hall of the Rivoli villa

From Saturday 6 April until Sunday 15 september 2024, in conjunction with the Guercino exhibition. The painter’s profession, produced by CoopCulture with Villaggio Globale International, curated by Annamaria Bava and Gelsomina Spione (23 March – 28 July 2024, Musei Reali – Sala Chiablese, Turin), a painting by Giovanni will be exhibited in the rectangular hall of Villa Cerruti Francesco Barbieri, known as Guercino (Cento, Ferrara, 1591 – Bologna, 1666). The work, now part of the Cerruti Collection, was for a long time the property of Andreina Cerruti (Turin, 1923-2022), sister of Francesco Federico and first President of the Francesco Federico Cerruti Foundation for Art.

The painting depicts an elderly Saint Andrew, with a flowing beard and hair, as he stares with a gaze veiled by a slight melancholy at an indistinct point outside the canvas. The apostle effortlessly holds the X-shaped cross in his hands, his instrument of martyrdom and usual iconographic attribute. The small size of the canvas and the atmosphere of intimate contemplation suggest that the work was intended for private devotion. The worked material, the soft and slightly chiaroscuro brushstroke place the work within the fifth decade of the seventeenth century, a period coinciding with the painter’s move to Bologna from his native Cento together with his flourishing workshop.