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June 23, 2020 from 06:30PM to 07:30PM


The COMP(H)OST project resumes online!

After the last appointment with the philosopher Emanuele Coccia, the program of the COMP(H)OST project returns with a new cycle of panel discussion and a live music show.

From 23 June onwards, artists, musicians, composers, scholars and writers will alternate on the Castello di Rivoli Youtube Channel, every Tuesday until 14 July. This will create an opportunity to experiment with innovative formats and address the issues of hybridization and mixture from a technological, biological and social point of view, exploring new forms of public interaction and exchange.

Started with the LIVING MATTERS project conceived by US artist Claire Pentecost, and continued with the contributions of the philosophers Vinciane Despret and Emanuele Coccia, and artists Metahaven and Diann Bauer, COMP(H)OST will draw to an end in the Autumn.

COMP(H)OST is a project produced by a.titolo, NERO and the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, in collaboration with the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam, and is supported by Compagnia di San Paolo as part of the call “ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea”, with the contribution of Regione Piemonte, the hospitality of Duparc Contemporary Suites and the collaboration of Film Commission Torino Piemonte.


Tuesday 23 June – live streaming 6.30 pm

Glaciers evaporating, zoonotic pandemics and economic crises: society and nature merge in a future that we cannot know. What stories can tell the new stories? Matteo De Giuli and Nicolò Porcelluzzi, co-authors of MEDUSA – a newsletter about climate and cultural changes – meet the writer Laura Pugno.

Laura Pugno is the author of poetry, prose, essays and theatrical pieces. Among her latest books, the novels La metà del bosco and La ragazza selvaggia (Marsilio, 2018 and 2016), the essay In territorio selvaggio (Nottetempo, 2018), and the poetry collections L’alea (Perrone, 2019) and I legni (Pordenonelegge, 2018). She collaborates with “L’Espresso” and since 2015 she has directed the Italian Cultural Institute of Madrid.

Matteo De Giuli is a scientific journalist and editor of “il Tascabile”, the cultural magazine of Treccani. He has collaborated with Radio3 Rai, “Not”, “National Geographic”, “Il Venerdì di Repubblica”.

Nicolò Porcelluzzi is an editor of “il Tascabile”, has written for “Internazionale”, “L’Ultimo Uomo”, “Not” and other magazines. He was the author of “Useless” literary magazine.


Tuesday 30 June – live streaming 6.30 p.m.

What happens when humankind, having irreparably altered the balance of planet Earth, is no longer at the center of the world? And in the midst of the ecological crisis, what relationships can be rescued not only between human individuals, but among all species that inhabit the planet? Clara Ciccioni and Miriam Tola retrace the key passages of  the book Staying With the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna Haraway (published in Italy by NERO in 2019), highlighting the central role that the thought of the US philosopher has in our present.

Clara Ciccioni has a PhD in History and Social Sciences and is an independent researcher. She has collaborated as editor and translator with various Italian publishers. She is editor of the series Not of NERO Editions.

Miriam Tola teaches in the Department of Media and Communication at the John Cabot University in Rome and at the Northeastern University in Boston. Her research weaves together feminist, postcolonial, political ecology and visual culture studies.



Tuesday 7 July – live streaming 9.00 pm

Mana, Silvia Kastel, Rainbow Island and Marta De Pascalis are the protagonists of a live-set and dj-set program that explores the theme of hybridization: from a technological point of view (an event unique in its kind, where the interaction between “bodies” is completely redesigned), as well as biological (trans and post-human yearnings, synthesis between man and machine, questioning of identity), and ecological (reflection on the relationship between organic and artificial).

Mana is the latest project by Italian musician Daniele Mana, formerly known as Vaghe Stelle and member of the One Circle with Lorenzo Senni and Francesco Fantini. His album Seven Steps Behind was released in 2019 by the legendary London-based label Hyperdub.

Silvia Kastel comes from the underground free noise scene and is the founder of the label Ultramarine.  She went from Italy, through New York, to London (where she is currently based and has a show on NTS radio), in a path that saw her landing on an edgy alienating electronic style, very well expressed in her album Air Lows, released by the glorious London-based label Blackest Ever Black.

Rainbow Island is an interdimensional-psychedelic band based in Rome. Their latest album is entitled Crystal Smerluvio Riddims and follows their acclaimed debut album RNBW, released in 2012.

Marta De Pascalis is an Italian composer who works between Rome and Berlin, specializing in productions bridging analog synthesis and tape loops. Her albums were released by the British label The Wormhole.



Tuesday 14 July – live streaming 6.00 pm 

What does the term hospitality mean? What is the relationship between those who hosts and are hosted? How does the reciprocity that the Italian language assigns to this relationship – to the point of using a single word for both-, survive and manifest itself in current practices? These and other issues, crucial considering the worsening conditions of social injustice, marginality and poverty diffused at all levels, from the local ones of urban peripheries to the global one of migrant populations, are addressed in a seminar conducted by Francesco Careri with the participation of Lorenzo Romito, of Palestinian artist Sandi Hilal, of French political scientist Sebastien Thiery, of Maurizio Cilli and Stefano Mirti.

Francesco Careri and Lorenzo Romito are co-founders of Stalker. Since 1995 they have been developing practices that question ways of living and the city in its residual and peripheral conditions, on the crossroad between artistic experimentation, theoretical reflection and civil and political action. Among the most emblematic works of Stalker is the Ararat experience with Kurdish refugees at Campo Boario in Rome (1999-2007). Among their most recent projects, C.I.R.C.O. Casa Irrinunciabile per la Ricreazione Civica e l’Ospitalità, curated by Francesco Careri for the course of Civic Arts of Roma Tre University and BURB, the Urban Biennial developed from the collaboration of Lorenzo Romito and Giulia Fiocca with the urban planners Andrea Curtoni and Giulia Mazzorin of the IUAV of Venice.

Sandi Hilal is an artist, architect, researcher and author of experimental education programs. With Alessandro Petti she founded Campus in the Camps in the Dheisheh Refugee Camp in Bethlehem and co-directs DAAR Decolonizing Architecture and Art Residency. In Sweden, in 2016, with a refugee community she started the Al Madafeh / Living Room project focused on the right to host.

Sébastien Thiery is a political scientist and member of the editorial board of the magazine “Multitudes”. In 2012 he founded PEROU, the Pôle d’Exploration des Ressources Urbaines, with Gilles Clément. He has published numerous books and is currently a scholarship holder at the Academy of France – Villa Medici in Rome where he is working on the candidacy of the hospitality act as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Maurizio Cilli is an architect and artist who experiments with interpretation interventions of the transformation phenomena in territories. In 2020 he published Senza casa senza cosa, from a study launched at the Triennale in the exhibition 999 domande sull’abitare contemporaneo curated by Stefano Mirti, with whom he created Bottom Up!, the most recent edition of the Turin Architecture Festival. Stefano Mirti is an architect and a designer, one of the greatest experts in Interaction Design in Italy. Co-founder of Id-lab, he has always been teaching and is director of the Scuola Superiore d’Arte Applicata in Milan.

COMP(H)OST is based on an idea from Marianna Vecellio and Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy , and it is curated by Francesca Comisso and Luisa Perlo for a.titolo, Marianna Vecellio for the Castello di Rivoli, Lorenzo Gigotti, Valerio Mannucci and Valerio Mattioli for NERO.

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