Castello di Rivoli, June-September

For the summer, the Education Department has been offering since 2012 Summer school, a major cultural project aimed at art enthusiasts of all ages: art freaks or simply curious bystanders, cultural operators, teachers, students, children, adolescents and families. The project has been arranged with the aim of showing that contemporary art is not an elitist thing and can instead help give all of us the tools we need to develop free and aware in a constantly evolving society.
The Castello di Rivoli which, in its relationship between art and nature, is an ideal model of beauty understood as quality of life, harmony and equilibrium, becomes a multidisciplinary school attracting Italian and international experts. The partners of the Summer School will, together with the professionals of the Castello’s own Education Department, offer varied approaches and occasions to become acquainted with contemporary art understood in its broadest sense: the sessions proposed range from the visual arts to the theatre, music to dance, always in a dialogue and in contact with a fruitful exchange with the works displayed in the Museum. On top of the proposals planned for adults, teachers, cultural operators and students, there will also be plenty of scope for the leisure time of the young, children and families, with workshops with artists and fascinating collective happenings within the Museum and immediate surroundings, taking advantage of the pleasure of enjoying summer in the Rivoli hillsides. A new feature for the Summer school is the possibility of a full immersion into the Museum and surrounding environs, thanks to the agreements stipulated with nearby hotels and restaurants for members of the public coming from outside Turin.
The Summer school is the only one of its type in Italy, originating from the institutional and professional experience of ZonArte, the network supported by the Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT, aimed at encouraging public interest in contemporary art.