By Artists: From the Home to the Museum, from the Museum to the Home Homages to the works of the Cerruti Collection. Chapter 3 – Elisa Sighicelli. Lumenombra Lumenicta, 2019

Curated by Marcella Beccaria


October 31, 2019 – January 19, 2020

Opening: October 30, 2019

Castello di Rivoli, First Floor, Gallery 10 and 11


The Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art continues its program of art commissions in homage to the works of the Cerruti Collection. They began last May 2019 to celebrate the opening to the public of the villa housing the collection of Francesco Federico Cerruti (1922–2015) in Rivoli. On Wednesday, October 30 a new commission by artist Elisa Sighicelli will be presented to the public.

Elisa Sighicelli (b. 1968, Turin) uses photography to create works about photography. Merging with materials that have different tactile properties and textures, her images capture the echoes of the visible, analyzing the ways in which reality reflects itself. “During 2019 – states Marcella Beccaria— the artist visited the villa Cerruti in Rivoli on several occasions, also during the restoration, when the rooms were free of artworks and some wall-mounted furnishings were partially covered by protective plastics. Displayed in Gallery 10 at Castello di Rivoli, the photographs entitled Lumenombra (2019) call to mind the atmosphere of the villa’s Dining Room. In these works printed on satin, Sighicelli seems to capture the echo of the masterpieces by Giorgio de Chirico usually installed there, focusing on the mysterious shadows created by the light suspended between the ancient mirrors and the large plastic sheets used to cover them. In Gallery 11, two works entitled Lumenicta (2019) are also on display. Combining ‘lume’ (light) and ‘notte’ (night), the word invented by Sighicelli calls to mind the emotion of further visits to the by now restored villa. Using an electric torch, Sighicelli symbolically wanted to cast light on the private story of Francesco Federico Cerruti, the owner of a house bound to welcome him not as a resident with daily needs, but rather as a collector animated by a visionary passion for art.”

The homage by Elisa Sighicelli will join the artworks presented in the first two chapters of the program and hosted in the outdoor atrium of Castello di Rivoli, on the first floor, as well as in the garden of the Cerruti Collection villa. In their heterogeneity, these artworks are inspired both by the artworks collected by Francesco Federico Cerruti and his passion for books and bindings, as well as by the architecture of the villa and the life of this reserved entrepreneur and collector.

download: CS_Elisa Sighicelli_ENG