Cally Spooner. Everything Might Spill. illy Present Future 2017 Prize Exhibition

From 03 November 2018 to 06 January 2019

November 2 2018, 11 am

Winner of the illy Present Future 2017 Prize with the work Soundtrack for a Troubled Time, 2017, Cally Spooner presents Everything Might Spill in the Manica Lunga project room. The project is curated by Marianna Vecellio.

In Everything Might Spill, 2018, a wall drawing baring the magnified image of a human organ is placed in relation to a fountain from which a purposely toxic liquid gushes out. The installation can be interpreted as an unsettling reflection on the human condition, subject to a growing and obsessive dependence on technology, to the point of moving towards uncontrollable and non-reversible mutations.

“Through installations, writing and performance, Cally Spooner – writes Marianna Vecellio, curator of the exhibition – explores the ways in which contemporary subjectivity and the human body are subject to continuous changes dictated by the technological condition. Her works analyze how the invisible violence spread in the digital age influences us. In addition, they examine the physical and ontological erosion of living matter in a present dominated by digital data. Spooner’s artistic research focuses on how “the advanced techno-capitalist apparatus threatens to drain life through the optimization of affects, bodies and language and asks how we could merge with this techno-apparatus, transforming and mobilizing This post-human alienation affirmatively.” Her exhibitions and performances are anchored to feminist philosophical processes and they physically, acoustically and conceptually incorporate duration, maintenance, entanglement and collapse as practices of resistance. These strategies are adopted in opposition to sudden fluctuations in global markets, to the unstoppable flow of digital data, and to the imperative demand for productivity that capitalist society imposes on each individual.”


Illy Present Future Prize
Since 2012 the illy Present Future Prize offers its winner the exceptional opportunity to exhibit at Castello di Rivoli, as well as to support her/his research. The award represents the company’s desire to support the artistic community and young talents respectively in their growth path. Thanks to the contemporary vision of illycaffè and the active collaboration with the Castello di Rivoli, the illy Present Future Prize offers an important contribution to the affirmation of emerging artists and confirms the innovative role of Artissima. Winners of previous editions who have exhibited at Castello di Rivoli are: Vanessa Safavi, Santo Tolone and Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa (2012), Caroline Achaintre and Fatma Bucak (2013), Rachel Rose (2014), Alina Chaiderov (2015) and Cécile B. Evans (2016).

Cally Spooner’s Soundtrack for a Troubled Time, 2017, acquired for the Collections of the Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Conteporanea thanks to the Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT, was chosen by the technical jury of the award, assembled in the framework of Artissima 2017. The award was given by Carlo Bach (illycaffè artistic director), Ilaria Bonacossa (Artissima director) and by the jury composed by Mary Ceruti (executive director and curator at the Sculpture Center in New York), Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev (director of Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea) and Luigi Fassi (visual arts curator of the Steirischer Herbst festival in Graz and former coordinator of Present Future), which identified the winner among a group of 20 artists. The jury expressed the following motivation: “Cally Spooner’s performative work and investigation through different media explores the modalities of invisible violence in the digital age. Through her art, we understand how subjectivity and our own bodies change when shaped by the technological condition.”


From 03 November 2018 to 06 January 2019
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