Museum of Advertising

With the acquisition of the RAI Spira collections thanks to the Piedmont Region, in 2002 the Castello di Rivoli founded the Museum of Advertising. The new department aims to present both advertisings as such with particular reference to artistic and expressive languages and the influence of these on the social context and habits, and the culture associated with the world of business and communication strategies.

The collection includes over 2000 posters and original sketches dating from the 1930s to the 1980s, which represent a precious artistic and cultural record of Italian production. The RAI’s collection, formerly the property of Sipra, comprises for the most part of donations by the families of Dino Villani, Severo Pozzati (in art, Sepo), and of poster designer Nico Endel, and includes the work of such artists as Dudovich, Cassandre, Armando Testa, Gino Boccasile, together with posters from the Enit (Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo, the Italian Tourist Board) and from other public bodies through the years. On top of the famous Carosello broadcasts that have become accounts of Italian habits, the collection’s audio-visual material includes spots for cinema and television, including the whole collection of advertising films that have won awards at the International Festivals of Cannes and Venice since 1954.

The Media Library is open to the public by appointment, by calling the Castello di Rivoli Library, 011 – 95 65 285