Kids Guernica

The Castello di Rivoli Education Department participates in the Kids Guernica international network. The collective painting action, realised by children in the workshop carried out by the Artenaute of the Education Department as part of Summer School, thrilled the team of Kids Guernica museum in Nagasaki visiting Castello di Rivoli Museum in 2017. Since then, a first canvas became part of the exhibition in Japan and also of the Kids Guernica international tour. The journey continues: soon, a second canvas will reach Geneva, for the exhibition of the large canvases that will be held at the Ecole Internationale de Genève – Ecolint Center des arts

Both represent the symbolic sign of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Third Paradise, of which Anna Pironti and Paola Zanini have been Ambassadors since 2005.

In the middle, the lamp that illuminates the scene in Picasso’s Guernica painting is recognizable, with its symbolic value of light of modernity against the horror of war.