Ana Pvracki

(Pancevo, Serbia, 1976)
Ana Prvacki is interested in consumer aesthetics, architecture, design and advertising. Her conceptual works take the form of varied participatory projects and enterprises. She draws on performance and popular style to investigate our increasingly dematerialized economy of services and ideas. In 2003, she founded Ananatural Production, an innovation and lifestyle consultancy combining conceptual concerns, contemporary issues and various modes of communication to distribute ideas, recipes and instructions for various types of experience.
Prvacki’s installations often promote and provide products and services to the audience.
The video Music Derived Pain Killer (ptyalism version with wondering band), 2009 is the result of a performance event specifically designed for the Castello di Rivoli museum. In this performance, Prvacki reflected on the beneficial qualities activated by music and by the production of saliva, accumulated by musicians who practice and play wind and brass instruments. Performing daily musical exercises, which include scales, tonal exercises, trills and sonatas, the artist and some performers walk through the galleries of the Castello, creating interferences, reverberations and visual and sound echoes with the works in the collection.