Marzia Migliora

Although she often draws upon her own experience, Marzia Migliora does not create autobiographical artwork; rather, the artist finds inspiration in highly charged emotional situations, to develop works in which we can recognize ourselves and sometimes discover experiences they we have already lived. Conveying images that reveal the constant effort that the human condition entails, Migliora addresses subjects such as obsession, fear, fragility, desire and loss.
The words “Forse sono io che mi sbaglio. Ma io continuo a dire che siamo tutti in pericolo” (“Perhaps I am the one who is mistaken. But I continue to say that we are all in danger”), which make up Pier Paolo Pasolini 2009, were spoken by Pasolini on 11 November 1975, during an interview. The renowned Italian intellectual – writer, poet, director, painter – was murdered in Osti, Rome, a few hours after uttering them. Inserting the date when she created her work as part of the title, Migliora exposes the condition of danger shared by many intellectuals and the disquieting sense of premonition that often accompanies them. Created using the hardness of steel, the letters that make up the installation are arranged on the walls of the room, like disturbing mirrors that give back to viewers their own image through multiple fragments.