Michal Rovner

Michal Rovner’s Cracks In Time – Rivoli, 2012 is a site-specific work, an installation conceived for the room 18 of the Castello di Rivoli. This work is part of the artist’s ongoing project that deals with the notion of the crack and the process of construction/deconstruction/reconstruction. In Cracks In Time – Rivoli, Rovner creates a dialogue between classic Italian frescos and contemporary situations in life.
The history is considered by the Israeli artist as a timeline of breaks, a chain of breakdowns. In this context, this work has something to deal either with archaeology and with politics. In fact the basic elements are fifty people in Russia, Romania and Israel that hold hands as a human line that could be considered a sentence in a text. The force and the opposite force these lines create generate breaks and cracks. These human figures are in perpetual motion and they seem to represent the movement of the human being that proceed slowly in a time that is a strange blend of all times.
The Israeli author David Grossman, who is also an activist wrote “In all her works, Michal Rovner is concerned with boundaries. She challenges the concept of the boundary, transgresses it, stretches it beyond its limits. It sometimes seems that she enjoys standing at any border, feeling the tremor of different realities that are opposed or even hostile to each other, as they meet or collide […]. Time, movement and light are Michal Rovner’s raw materials. And the deep desire to create, to transcend the tight grip of banality and alienation, of destruction and death, is her artistic and human motivation […].”
The artist is used to mix places, times and media to create her works.