Nedko Solakov

(Tcherven Briag, Bulgaria, 1957)
Nedko Solakov’s artworks are conceptually based, radical, witty and ironic. Among the most renown artist from the late Nineties, Solakov has created a new installation that has taken place on April 26 and 28 at the Castello di Rivoli. In The Freedom of Speech (or how to argue properly), Solakov images how you can argue with your hands tied to your thighs.
Some performers argue constantly in a freestanding stag, whose frontal opening reveals their body from the shoulders up only. The actors act naturally, although, the visitors, turning around the puppet stage theatre, find out that the they are tightly tied and that they can’t properly move: the actors act in a constricted condition.
The artist invites us to reflect on the complex psychological and social dynamics we, as individuals and community, experience in conditions of difficulty, crisis, submission and subordination and on the different transformations of these experiences in rebellion and revolts.