Collezionismo a Torino (collecting in Turin)

16 february 1996 - 21 april 1996

This exhibition illustrates the importance of private collecting in Italy, which is sometimes shrewder and more astute than its public counterpart in discovering ever-new contributions to the development of contemporary art history.

The public is presented with a selection of works from six different collectors from the Turin area whose collections are known for the quality of the works and for the significance of the artists who are included, both Italian and international figures. The works on display cover a time span that ranges from the ‘Fifties to the most contemporary movements and are chosen directly by the collectors; through their collections, each delineates a sort of self-portrait and, from the subjectivity of their various viewpoints, they provide the best interpretive model for this exhibition.

Thus while Marcello Levi proposes a genealogy of art that ranges from the School of Paris to the ‘Eighties, Gemma De Angelis Testa and Eliana Guglielmi present internationally recognized artists from the ‘Seventies to the most recent tendencies. A different approach is taken by Marco Rivetti, who prefers to present a single work, while Corrado Levi brings together works from the creative experience in New York’s East Village with those that have emerged from the artistic ferment of young Italian artists; Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, finally, chooses to present only the work of artists who became significant figures in the art scene of the last ten years.