Domenico Bianchi, Alan Charlton, Günther Förg, Barbara Kruger, Toon Verhoef

From 06 October 1989 to 03 December 1989

Curated by Rudi Fuchs, Johannes Gachnang and Cristina Mundici

Conceived as a group of solo exhibitions rather than a collective show, this exhibition explored the most recent work of five international artists chosen not so much for their similarities in style, but for the fact that they all belonged to the same generation, and could provide an insight into the latest areas of interest being pursued by contemporary artists.

The work of Barbara Kruger (Newark, California, USA, 1945) has a strong social focus. Her deliberately simple ensembles of images and texts immediately evoke advertising graphics, and examine the way that the media attracts consumers’ attention.

The exhibition covers almost the entire spectrum of work produced by Günther Förg (Fussen, Germany, 1952), including his photography, which focuses on architecture of the 1920s and 1930s; his paintings, which are increasingly directed towards a formal reductivism; and finally his Bleibilder (Lead Pictures), large-scale works in which the artist applies acrylic colour to a lead surface, leaving large areas uncovered so that the lead functions as a “colour” in its own right.

The work of Alan Charlton (Sheffield, UK, 1948) can also be termed reductivist. He achieves his radical monochrome grey effects by applying a thin layer of acrylic paint to the picture surface. While the tonal scale, form and size of the works vary, they all establish a rapport with the exhibition space and the sensorial experiences derived from it.

The final two “solo” selections are dedicated to Domenico Bianchi (Sgurgola, Frosinone, Italy, 1955) and Toon Verhoef (Voorburg, Holland, 1946), both of whom produce abstract work that focuses on the relationship between figures and background in pursuit of an equilibrium between form and colour.


From 06 October 1989 to 03 December 1989