Grazia Toderi

From 17 October 1998 to 20 December 1998

Curated by Ida Gianelli, Marcella Beccaria


The videos of Grazia Toderi (Padua, 1963), atemporal images with pictorial qualities, are characterized by the use of a fixed video camera and by a circular structure that contradicts the narrative possibilities of video. The artist focuses her attention on images that pertain to history as well as mass culture, developing them according to a process that transforms the particular into the universal.

Her videos, reflections on the human condition, delineate geometries, forms and laws that modify concepts of space and time, transcending the finite and the diachronic development of human existence.

On the occasion of her first solo exhibition in a museum, Toderi presents a series of new video projections that have emerged in part from her encounter with the architecture, spatial organization and history of Castello di Rivoli. Identifying a pattern of signs that pertain to the context that is encountered, the artist develops the exhibition as a voyage of approach and consequent distancing. The videos she has created, including L’atrio (The Atrium, 1998), I gemelli dei castelli (The Twins of the Castles, 1998) and Il decollo (The Takeoff, 1998) propose an idea of infinite space regulated by complex geometries, giving a new dimension to the Baroque vision and the human events from which the Castello di Rivoli building is woven.


From 17 October 1998 to 20 December 1998