Helmut Newton

From 24 September 1994 to 27 November 1994

Curated by Zdenek Felix


Helmut Newton (Berlin, 1920 – Los Angeles, 2004) is recognized as one of the most important contemporary photographers.

Appreciated both for his fashion photographs and for his portraits of international jet-set personalities, his works are characterized by a viewpoint typical of the voyeur, with attitudes and poses that reiterate male fantasies about the female role.

The exhibition investigates some of the most significant phases in the photographer’s many years of activity. In fact, alongside fashion images from the ‘Sixties and ‘Seventies that present a type of independent and dynamic woman, and large-scale photographs with ambiguous atmospheres, made for famous designers, there are small color shots that, through their explicit sexual content, invite private contemplation on the part of the viewer.

The voyeuristic gaze is also present in the series of Large Nudes, monumental photographs of bodies of well-known personalities, selected and preferred to those of real models precisely because of their imperfect beauty. However in the constant quotation of classic fashion images, the series of domestic Nudes also attests to how beauty is ascribable to an interpretive factor and not only to the physical. Finally the exhibition includes the artist’s portraits of stars and famous personalities, bringing to mind a modern picture gallery within which the photographer’s own self-portrait cannot fail to be included.


From 24 September 1994 to 27 November 1994