Il logos del corpo vivente

From 17 May 1996 to 15 September 1996

Curated by Gudrun Inboden

The female presence in culture and society in recent years is clearly more evident compared to past decades. Women artists, who were considered a minority only a short time ago, now significantly define the panorama of contemporary art.

The exhibition organized by the IFA (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) in Berlin, based on pieces that they own, presents fourteen German women artists from the generation of the ‘Seventies and ‘Eighties who, with their works, highlight a renewed spirit in contemporary art through awareness of the specific role of the female artist, for once not seen as subsidiary to the male figure.

In the works on exhibit there is an obvious reference to the subjective dimension specific to each of the artists: Rosemarie Trockel creates her works making use of her own hair; the watercolors of Asta Gröting evoke the body of the mother, Maria Eichhorn installs an atelier for children where colors, drawings and benches are presented, breaking the hierarchical order of the school. Pia Stadtbäumer presents sculptures of women in felt and wood as simple objects, like the myriad of clothes-racks proposed by Qin Yufen, with white sheets of paper hung in the place of clothing. The female universe persists as pure reference and the focus shifts to an attempt to subvert the patriarchal order in favor of greater heterogeneity in modalities of perception. Thus while Katharina Fritsch exhibits a column where, at the summit, as if in a private club, there are casts of a statuette of Saint Catherine, Rebecca Horn hybridizes the technical gears of her “machines” with sensual bird feathers or oyster shells that still retain their precious pearls inside.


From 17 May 1996 to 15 September 1996