Piano Nobile

From 12 April 1989 to 01 September 1989

Curated by Rudi Fuchs, Johannes Gachnang and Cristina Mundici


Italian art in the period following World War II was characterised by the dynamism of an important group of progressive modernists who moved away from classic, traditional models to pursue new avenues of exploration that continued to be investigated by successive generations. Artists such as Capogrossi, Castellani, Fontana, Lo Savio, Manzoni, Melotti, Rotella and Vedova reformulated art in new ways, introducing an extremely flexible aesthetic to Italian art, which was increasingly making its mark on the world stage.

This innovative exhibition approached the artists and their work from a variety of perspectives, linking art history, society and politics to create a composite picture of Italy and Europe during a difficult but exciting period.


From 12 April 1989 to 01 September 1989